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Satisfying the desire of artistry and the necessity of function. Mark Landers and his wife, Christina, own and operate a woodworking shop and design studio, Landers' Studio, for the design and construction of custom furniture and high quality architectural piecework. With a background in home building, Mark's interests turned to the designs of the interior rather than the exterior. In 1975, he set up shop to build custom furniture. Tina joined him in 1976.

The studio does only individual commissions, having no product-line as such but rather filling the void between what people really want and what is now commercially available. Landers uses only the highest quality materials and the finest joinery for, to Mark, the process is as important as the product in his efforts to create the heirlooms of tomorrow. His creations satisfy the desire for artistry as well as the necessity of function. His artwork is an integral part of the architectural and functional aspects of the site.