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New "Century-Old" Outdoor Table

One of our more recent projects was an outdoor table constructed with vintage longleaf yellow pine and cast-iron bases.  A very special client had been entertaining on her patio with two abutting six-foot folding tables covered in a tablecloth and she was wanting to upgrade.  The twelve feet gave her the length she needed, but she did not have the width for gracious dining.  We had in stock several long longleaf yellow pine timbers that had been pulled from the roof rafters of a 100 year old home.  We had also come into possession of two cast iron bases that had been commercial ironing board bases from over 100 years ago.

Mark sandblasted and primed the cast-iron bases to prepare for the final paint color choice.  Mark also created pine “feet” for the bases in order to add more stability.   Marine-grade black polyester pads were then attached to the bottom of these pine “feet” in order to keep the wood up from the patio floor in case of rain accumulation.    John Christensen, of OKO Prototype, created a steel frame to attach to this cast-iron base and to the laminated pine table top in order to reduce warping due to constant exposure to the weather and the fluctuating humidity.

The 12-foot by 40-inch table top was then finished with many coats of Waterlox, a tung oil product that would repel the moisture and UV rays and yet be easy to reapply as wear & tear and inevitable aging occurred.

We felt honored to be among the first dozen dinner party guests to inaugurate this newest addition to her hospitable patio dining – and we look forward to many more family dinners around this table where we can all gather comfortably.  Cin Cin!

A closer look at the beautiful longleaf yellow pine top made from 100 year old timbers.

The antique cast iron pedestals after restoration.

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